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Albert Road traffic calming - What do you think?

The traffic calming scheme in Albert Road by the Kings Theatre is largely completed and we are seeking views of cyclists on whether you like it or not.

Kerbs have been dropped to blur the distinction between pavement and carriageway with the intention of giving the road a relaxed “continental” appeal.

Coloured and stainless-steel bollards stop vehicles encroaching into pedestrian areas. These have been enlarged to allow more space for tables and chairs outside shops, pubs and cafes.

Generally, space has been reclaimed for pedestrians from the motor car - not a bad thing (well cyclists would say that, wouldn’t they!).

The taxi rank has been moved back along Albert Road and some on-street car parking has been removed.

So, what do you think?

Some cyclists have expressed concern that the roadway is narrower than before and that they feel that they are being pushed into the the path of vehicles.

Others have noticed an increase in pavement cycling (or more correctly, cycling in the pedestrian areas).

It has been suggested that a marked cycle lane should be created on the pedestrian side of the bollards in the narrowest sections.

We would like to see the imposition of a 20mph speed limit in this part (and all parts) of albert Road.