Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Portsmouth Cycle Forum is a group for anyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, in and around Portsmouth UK.

Successful cycle conference - a showcase for Portsmouth

Over 80 delegates from all parts of the UK said that last Saturdays National CTC/Cycle Nation Conference here in Portsmouth was “a great success”.  Portsmouth Cycle Forum was chosen to host the Conference.  Chair John Holland said, “This has been a very successful weekend - a showcase for Portsmouth.”

Many cyclists from as far as York, Edinburgh and Swansea were visiting Portsmouth for the first time. They were enthusiastic about coming to the first ’20 mph’ city in the country. The aim is not to give priority to motorists, pedestrians or even cyclists, but to create a ‘level playing field’ for all.  

The keynote speech was on shared space, by Graham Smith, a specialist in urban design.  The idea is to make safer, attractive streets for all and encourage non-motorised journeys.  Councillor Lynne Stagg and Simon Moon, PCC Head of Traffic and Transportation explained how and why Portsmouth City Council introduced the pioneering 20 mph zones in Portsmouth, and lessons learnt.  Councillor Ian Hudspeth described how Oxford is introducing the scheme.

The Conference included many Workshops to explore ways to create a safer, more attractive and eco-friendly environment for all.

Delegates went home enthusiastically and with new ways to promote more safer cycling where they live.  Several delegates said they would be returning to spend more time in our city.  Roger Geffen of CTC thanked Portsmouth Cycle Forum for “laying on a really superb conference”.  The next conference is in Edinburgh in November.

The Cycle Touring Club and CycleNation are leading national bodies for cycle campaign groups.  Portsmouth Cycle Forum is the local campaign group dedicated to giving cyclists a voice.