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Portsmouth Cycle Forum is a group for anyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, in and around Portsmouth UK.

Seafront Cycle Route – Statement from Portsmouth Cycle Forum

In its report on an accident which occurred on the new Southsea seafront cycle route, Portsmouth’s local newspaper (The News, 3 May 2010) printed a quote from Portsmouth Cycle Forum Chairman, John Holland.

The text was misquoted from an email that John wrote personally (never intending publication) requesting a meeting with the Chief Reporter and was sent before any details of the accident had emerged.  Furthermore, the quote was published without John’s knowledge or approval.

Whilst Portsmouth Cycle Forum is not privy to any specific details regarding the circumstances of the accident, we do believe the cycle route to be safe.  However, as with any highway all users must exercise due caution and mutual respect to avoid accidents.

The seafront cycle route is controversial because it represents a big change in the major leisure area in the city.  We would argue it is very much a change for the better and once people have had time to get used to it they will like it.  We have seen many more families cycling along the seafront now this route is in place. 

For cycling in Portsmouth the seafront cycle route is crucial - cycling was exceedingly hazardous on the seafront roads.  The route has long been a missing link in NCN 2 and has been campaigned for locally for 10 years.