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Southsea Seafront Cycle Route On-Hold

We have learned today that Phase 2 of the Southsea Seafront Cycle route has been placed “on-hold” as a result of spending cuts within Portsmouth City Council.

This is a very disappointing announcement from an organisation which is supposedly committed to encouraging healthy and sustainable travel. The phase 2 costs pall into insignificance when compared with the £6million or so being spent on the Trafalgar Link Road at Mile End.

Cyclists will have to endure the awful conditions on Clarence Esplanade where the out-dated and dangerous echelon parking will continue for some time to come.

Elsewhere, London Mayor Boris Johnson is implementing Cycle Super Highways to encourage commuters to travel and from work by bicycle. His bicycle hire scheme starts soon. Prime Minister David Cameron is a keen cyclist and wants to encourage others to cycle to reduce their carbon footprints and improve their health. Havant MP David Willetts is also a keen cyclist and is campaigning to keep posties on their bikes.

Please, Portsmouth politicians, think again. Healthy people cost the NHS less than unhealthy ones. The seafront cycle route should be the jewel in Southsea’s crown bringing more people to the seafront without the need for cars and car parking.