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Pro-Bike Pro-Walk Conference 2010

I recently attended the Pro-Bike Pro-Walk Conference organised by the US National Center for Biking and Walking and held in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  I was attending on a professional basis and manning a stand in the exhibition hall so was unable to attend the talks but did get to look around the poster sessions and pick up a lot of useful information.

What was really interesting was how strong the sustainable transport movement has become in the US and what has been achieved.  There was evidence that drivers in Chattanooga really were giving priority to pedestrians and cyclists at non-signal controlled junctions.  This is quite unnerving to a brit, grown used to a bit of argy bargy in these situations.

Some Interesting Websites


Here is a list of publications I picked up - if anyone wants to borrow/copy any please let me know.  I will bring the whole lot to the next open meeting.

The Way We Want to Live

Walk Across Illinois - Get Active and Get Going

10 Fast Facts about the United States Bicycle Route System

US Bicycle Route System - Getting It Done

US National Cycle Network Map

Advocacy Advance

Alliance for Biking and Walking

Top 10 Advocacy Tips for Bike Retailers

Top 10 Tips for developing grassroots bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations

Alta Planning and Design

The Next Mile: Indiana 1st


The Crank


Bicycle Commuting

Cascade Bicycle Club

Go by Bike

How to get around town via bike

Bike/Walk Pilot Profile - Marin County, California

Bike/Walk Pilot Profile - Minneapolis

Bike/Walk Pilot Profile - Sheboygan County, Wisconsin


State of Texas Bicycle Laws

2010 Bicycle Friendly America

2010 State Rankings

American Bicyclist

Becoming a Bicycle Friendly Community

Creating a bicycle friendly University

Help us build a Bicycle Friendly America

Is your College or University bike friendly?

Make your business a Bike Friendly Business

Share the Road

What you need to know to safely ride the roads

On Common Ground

Increasing Physical Activity Through Community Design

Safe Routes to School across the US

Nevada Safe Routes to School Calendar

Bike Smart

Bring your Bike Inside

NYC Cycling Map 2010

Bicycle Safety Rules

Cycling Safely

Active Transportation Consulting

Active Community Transportation Act

Active Transportation Trivia

Safe Routes News

Share the Road Sign Admittedly Chattanooga is one small town in a big country, but the signs were positive.