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Danny Dorling backs the 20s and Portsmouth gets a mention

Professor Dorling is advocating the introduction of 20 nationwide in residential streets. He uses Portsmouth as an example of an Authority that has taken this step. We feel that the true benefits of the 20s will be felt when this excellent initiative is promoted and enforced in the city. If all drivers in residential roads in Portsmouth stuck to 20, cyclists and pedestrians could feel safer and be safer.

Danny Dorling is an author and professor of Human Geography who has dedicated his career to exposing the social costs of inequality. In his response to the What One Change question, Danny focuses on the Twenty’s Plenty campaign for 20mph speed limits in all residential areas.

Having been successfully adopted in several cities around the UK already, the campaign has already reported an impressive reduction in road deaths and serious injuries. However as a driver of broader social change, Danny suggests that the campaign’s benefits go further still – from the positive impact on our daily environment, to helping us re-engage with our community and campaigning for the bigger changes we want.