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Palmerston Road street improvement works

The southern section of Palmerston Road, Southsea

The Cycle Forum met recently with Portsmouth City Council officers to see the current proposals for the street improvement works in Palmerston Road, Southsea.

The PCC Cabinet agreed to give the go-ahead to the scheme at their meeting in June and the intention is that it will be implemented sooner rather than later!

The section of Palmerston Road which will be affected runs from Osborne Road to Auckland Roads (East and West) and the intention is to provide a car free zone to improve the environment for shoppers, visitors and residents.

Note the term “car free” – this is not pedestrianisation since buses, taxis and cycles will still be permitted. These will be allowed to travel in both directions as they are today. Cars and private hire vehicles will be banned between the junction with Osborne Road and Villiers Road at all times. Delivery vehicles will be permitted between certain times.

The intention is to raise the surface of the road to be the same as the pavement although they may retain a small kerb or 60 mm.

PCC propose to move to move the taxi rank, which is used mainly at night, from Palmerston Road to outside Debenhams.

To stop “rat-running”, Villiers Road will be one-way westbound (except cycles). There will be changes to the junction at The Circle to discourage through traffic. The junction of Palmerston Road, Auckland Roads East & West will have a coloured surface.

We have asked that PCC should reduce the speed limit to 20mph as it seems odd to have a pedestrian-friendly street with a 30mph speed limit.

We have also asked that Auckland Road East and Aukland Road West should be made two-way for cycles.