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Portsmouth Cycle Forum is a group for anyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, in and around Portsmouth UK.

European mobility Week 2011

This event is something we should all consider taking part in and is a great opportunity to work in partnership wth your local authority and other local campaign groups that work to encourage a reduction in carbon emissions from transport. Some great ideas have come out of this over the years so try to think of an area or space in your town which could be used to showcase cycling and walking (and public transport) and draw some attention to the benefits of less traffic in an urban space. The ideas can range from taking a car parking space and sprucing it up to decorating a section of road or organsing a group ride. More ambitious plans like closing a road can take longer and need planning but if there isn’t time this year why not plan for next year?

As the website says:

“It is an opportunity for all the participating cities and towns to show how much environmental issues concern them. The operation will allow them to express themselves on the matter and at the same time give citizens an opportunity to show their support by their interest and involvement, for measures for a better quality of life in the urban environment. Because to offer everyone an alternative means of getting around, necessarily entails rethinking the apportionment of the highways. Therefore, the European Mobility Week is a unique moment in the year when the elected town councillors can test their transport policies and present them to the citizens.”

See also: https://mobilityweek.eu/