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Cyclenation News: Desiging for bikes in London - lecture

Designing for cycle traffic – lessons being learned from London experience

A lecture by Ali Ataie

Thursday 24th November 2011 12.30pm to 1.30pm Room LR375

LSBU London Road Building, Building Number 11 on the map at


A cycling revolution has started in London but it is far from finished. The battle continues between those promoting cycling in the capital and those who are concerned about the impact on other road users. The Traffic Management Act (2004) explicitly demands expeditious movement of traffic and this demand applies to all types of traffic: motor traffic, cycle traffic and pedestrians.

In a politically charged environment, the traffic engineer is caught in the middle with no hard and fast solutions to conflicting demands. This is where innovation and modern traffic engineering approaches can play a vital part in ensuring a balance is struck in maximising the capacity for all types of user, without detrimental impacts on safety. Ali will be exploring the traffic engineering techniques used in the projects he is involved with to demonstrate what can be achieved for cycle traffic in a very congested environment and while minimising impact on other modes of transport.


Ali is a Divisional Director at Jacobs and a past student of the London South Bank University. He has been with Jacobs since January 2007 with over 22 years of highways and transportation engineering experience. His specialism is in sustainable transport, in particular cycling. Ali has been involved with many cycle infrastructure projects in the UK, and internationally. He is currently project director for the high profile London Cycle Superhighways programme awarded to Jacobs. He is an avid commuter cyclist who has no axe to grind with other modes of transport as he is also a car driver, public transport user, motorcyclist and pedestrian, all be it not at the same time!