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Cycle safety and Health conference

A quick heads-up about a conference we’re organising - please put the date in your group diaries and start thinking about who from your group might like to go. We’ll let you have more details when they’re finalised.

The ogre of cycling danger is constantly with us in the media, local authorities and other groups, impeding our efforts to get more people cycling more often.

From Facilities to Helmets, Networks to Cycling Standards you’ll know that the truth gets trampled. But rebutting misinformation and criticisms of cycling is far from easy.

Be under no illusion we are up against increasingly stiff opposition, despite all the pro cycling rhetoric and strategies. Ironically much comes from quarters which claim to promote cycling oblivious to the fact that they’re doing exactly the opposite.

To help you fully understand the issues, get the facts at your fingertips and ready to engage locally with the media, councils and others Cyclenation has arranged a conference. We are bringing together a range of experts, not just from the world of cycling, but also from the likes of the Transport and Health Study Group, mainly epidemiologists and other medical professionals.

The full programme is being finalised but will cover the relative risks associated with cycling together with the health benefits. It’s important to have at least one delegate from each Cyclenation group up to speed. They would probably already have concerns over this aspect of campaigning, but anyone else wanting to gain an understanding would come away far better informed.

It’s free to Cyclenation members and CTC right to ride reps (although you or your local group will have to fund travel and lunch) .

Time and Place Saturday 21st April 2012, 10.30 for an 11.00 start to about 4pm at Carr’s Lane Church Centre Birmingham.