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Justin Greening says 'no thanx'

This is a transcript of (State for Transport) Justine Greening’s Reply to (Chair of Cyclenation) Andre Curtis’ offer to meet and discuss “cycling issues”:

Dear Andre,

Thank you for your letter of Wednesday 19 October 2011 suggesting a meeting to discuss cycling issues.

The Government is committed to support sustainable travel, including walking and cycling, as set out in the Coalition agreement. We have made available £560m over the next 4 years for projects under the local sustainable transport fund and have committed to support Bikeability cycle training for the remainder of this parliament.

As you know, we have also created a national Cycling Forum, chaired by Norman Baker MP. Thank you for your involvement in this forum, and I hope you will continue to contribute in the future. I believe the group will play and important role in bringing all interested parties together to discuss real action towards our shared goal of promoting cycling as a safe, healthy and green travel choice.

I assure you I will keep touch with Norman Baker on relevant issues from this group and I wish you luck on your on-going work.

Best wishes

Justine Greening

So that’ll be a ‘No thanks’ then?