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Top Tips to Biking to Work

Biking to work is one of the best activities you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle and make sure you have regular exercise. Not only is it a great form of physical activity but also it is also greatly beneficial to the environment and more cities are introducing cycle routes and encouraging citizens to use their bikes or public transport as long as they leave the car at home.

There are some top tips to follow that will make sure your biking experience will be safe and enjoyable and most importantly that you arrive at work on time and in one piece!

Plan Your Route

Look into the cycle paths that surround your area and plan your route before you set off for the first time. There may not be cycle paths for the entire journey so plan the safest and fastest routes that will involve as many cycle routes as possible.

Safety Equipment

Make sure when you are out on the roads that you are staying as safe as possible. Making sure you are aware of the roads and the traffic rules is one thing but making sure you are protected is quite another. Wearing the correct safety equipment will allow you the protection if you are involved in any sort of accident.  Helmet, elbow pads, kneepads and protective gloves are the best forms of safety.

Good Bike

A good stable sturdy bike will be a blessing when you are making so many regular trips backwards and forwards to work. It will give you the extra safety you need to make sure you can bike unharmed.

Be Vigilant

Biking is entirely different to being in a car. You are more exposed and far more vulnerable and you need to be constantly aware of what is going on around you. Sadly many drivers on the road do not take cyclists seriously and road accidents can happen.

Do Not Cycle in Work Clothes

It may sound obvious but you will sweat and possibly become dirty whilst biking to work and it isn’t the best idea to have to sit around in the same clothes all day. A change of clothes is ideal and many companies will have shower and changing facilities for when you arrive at work.

Leave Early

It will take you slightly longer to bike to work than it would if you were driving. You will need to leave your house slightly earlier than usual if you are to arrive at work on time.  **

Puncture Repair Kit

Accidents can happen and punctures may occur. It is a good idea to have a repair kit on hand just in case this happens during your journey.