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A short walk on Albert Road

I took a walk along Albert Road earlier today - buying gift-wrap for my Mum’s birthday as it happens.  As always, Albert Road was choked by illegally parked vehicles.  It always is and I am always shocked by it, but today I decided it was time to start making some noise about it.  In the short walk from the Haslemere Road junction to the King’s Theatre area I spotted at least 15 different offending vehicles. It is obvious from the quantity of offending vehicles that motorists consider the chance of being caught and fined to be minute.

I am hoping that if I (and hopefully some other people) start complaining about this then some Community Safety Officers will be tasked to deal with this.  So - next time you walk down Albert Road grab some pics and send them PCC’s parking office, and to your local Councillor.  That’s what I’ve just done.

Outside Sainsbury's near the junction with St Ronan's Road.  Always a trouble spot these days.  Three cars are parked on the double yellow lines despite the plentiful availability of legitimate spaces opposite.  In mitigation the red car does have a disabled badge, neither of the others do though.

Outside Sainsbury

Opposite the Wedgewood Rooms this 4x4 driver has decided to use the bus stop as his personal parking space.

Opposite the Wedge

At the traffic lights this taxi driver has parked on the double yellow lines to use the post office. He had no fare at the time.

At the lights 1

facing the other way at the lights these two vehicles have parked on the double yellow lines and completely blocked the cycle lane. ![At the lights 2](/assets/IMG_0113.jpg)
I appreciate loading and unloading is permitted on double yellow lines, but surely there is a better way than this?  Parking vans and lorries half on the pavement on a busy street in the middle of the day just seems wrong.


This 4x4 driver simply can't be bothered to reverse into the nearby space and has opted for the double yellows.

Outside Gold for Cash

Two cars stopped to do their shopping at Tesco.  The one in front is a taxi - that's the driver with his bags.

Outside Tesco

On the way back past the new Sainsbury's there are even more vehicles.


Stopped for a break on the double yellow lines outside Craneswater School.


Once again, why bother reverse parking when you can just use the double yellows?

Brompton Road area