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Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Portsmouth Cycle Forum is a group for anyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, in and around Portsmouth UK.

Manifesto Responses

The responses to our manifesto for cycling from election candidates are coming in thick and fast. Detailed comments from candidates (where provided) are linked from the table - some are very interesting.  Comments received from senior Councillors (where they are not themselves up for election) are included below the table.

As well as our manifesto for cycling, we asked each candidate to respond to 2 specific issues related to cycling in their ward. Those issues are listed here.

The results so far:

BaffinsStephen HASTINGSUKIPSupportsComments
BaffinsDrusilla MOODYLiberal DemocratSupportsComments
Central SouthseaIan MCCULLOCHGreen PartySupportsComments
Central SouthseaLee HUNTLiberal DemocratSupportsComments
Central SouthseaKevan CHIPPINDALL-HIGGINConservativePartially SupportsComments
Charles DickensPaul GodierUKIPPartially SupportsComments
Charles DickensPaul SMITHTrade Unionists and Socialists Against CutsSupportsComments
CopnorBen NORMANTrade Unionists and Socialists Against CutsSupportsComments
CopnorJonathan KEMPConservativeSupportsComments
CoshamGraham HEANEYLabourSupportsComments
CoshamHannah HOCKADAYConservativeSupportsComments
CoshamKirstine IMPEYLiberal DemocratSupportsComments
Drayton & FarlingtonAndreas BUBELLabourSupportsComments
Eastney & CraneswaterSuzy HORTONLiberal DemocratSupportsComments
FrattonMike HANCOCKIndependentSupportsNo comments
HilseaSimon DODDLiberal DemocratSupportsComments
HilseaSue GREENFIELDLabourSupportsComments
HilseaFrank JONASConservativeSupportsComments
MiltonBen DOWLINGLiberal DemocratSupportsComments
MiltonStuart CROWConservativeSupportsComments
NelsonJason FAZACKARLEYLiberal DemocratSupportsComments
NelsonRob SMITHLabourSupportsComments
PaulsgrovePhil DICKINSONGreen PartySupportsNo comments
PaulsgroveAlan WEBBLiberal DemocratPartially SupportsComments
St JudeTony CHAFERLabourSupportsComments
St JudePeter EDDISLiberal DemocratSupportsComments
St JudeEloise SHAVELARGreen PartySupportsComments
St ThomasTerry HENDERSONConservativeSupports ‘where possible’No comments

Councillor Gerald Vernon-Jackson (Liberal Democrat), leader of Portsmouth City Council said:

I’m happy to work with the cycle forum on all these areas. There are also other road users as well and the needs of all need to be balanced, but if more people cycled then it would make the city run much better.

Councillor Jason Fazackarley (Liberal Democrat), the cabinet member for traffic and transportation said:

“As the Current cabinet member for Traffic & Transportation the onus primarily rests with me to ensure that the promotion and implementation of cycling initiatives. I have welcome the variety of suggestions put forward by the Portsmouth Cycle Forum, during the course of the 4 years that I have held this portfolio, and for the attendance of its members at many of the T&T Decisions meetings.

I fully recognise the value of promoting cycling, it is a recognised sustainable mode of transport and one that should be ideally suited for travelling around the City. That said I am aware of the concerns of cyclists for improved safety on roads and for the creation of more designated cycle lanes and this is something that I have been working with Highways Officers to progress.

Areas in which Portsmouth City Council has been noticeably successful is in the securement of government grant funding and a number of multi-million pounds packages have been obtained. The Council has used this to increase a range of schemes under the Local Sustainable Transport Fund auspices. The new hub in Somerstown and the Park & Ride in Tipner are several examples of locations where cycle provision has been accommodated.

The Traffic & Transportation portfolio is a tricky one to deal with, I face a vast array of representations from residents, businesses and organisations that have their individual ideas and desires. These often conflict with the wishes of someone else and I have to tread a fine balance between differing interests, often being accused of being anti-car, anti-cyclist, anti-pedestrian and / or anti-bus!! The truth is very much the opposite as I will seek to accommodate the ideas and suggestions that are put to me but it is impossible to please everyone!

If I survive the forthcoming local elections then I will look forward to continued working with the Cycle Forum and doing what I can to forward cycling improvement within Portsmouth.”

Conservative  group leader Donna Jones wanted to share the following message:

“I apologise for not being able to make this week’s meeting, I am taking part in a local election husting arranged by the News.

I feel strongly that cycling is the key to reducing congestion on Portsmouth’s roads especially as the population of the city is increasing and new homes being built every month.

The safety of cyclists is paramount, particularly if we want to encourage younger people & children to choose cycling as their method of getting around the city to establish positive behaviours that will last.

So, if I was Leader of the Council, and not Leader of the Opposition what would I do?

I would ensure that Portsmouth’s over arching planning policies and road lay-out schemes did more to ensure the safety of cyclists. I would meet regularly with cycle forums to glean ideas and feedback about hotspots and problem areas.

Finally, I would look into the prospect of introducing sponsored “Boris Bikes” to Portsmouth. This would make it easier and hassle free for people to get around the city cheaply.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any issue.”

Conservative group spokesman for Traffic & Transportation Ken Ellcome said:

“I do support your aims in improving cycling in the city across all aspects. The only one I might have a problem with is contra flow cycling on which I would take a view on a case by case basis. As opposition spokesperson on traffic and transport matters I do take a keen interest in your group and will support you where I can. I am sure you will appreciate each decision has to be made on its merits. It is my intention to attend your meeting on the 15th. I look forward to seeing you there.”