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Protected Cycle Space Finally Coming to Elm Grove??!!

Protected Cycle Space Finally Coming to Elm Grove??!!

For years now, many cyclists have complained, reported and commented about persistent anti-social parking in the painted cycle lanes around the Elm Grove / Grove Road South crossroads.

In November 2020 a trial scheme to provide protected cycle lanes along Elm Grove and Kings Road was withdrawn within three weeks. However the feedback we received from cyclists was that finally (albeit for a short period) cyclists could access the front of the motor vehicle queue safely. Our report following the trial was that protection should remain here alongside a method to stop parked vehicles blocking access to the protected space.

Funding for a scheme to achieve this was approved by the Transport Cabinet member in December 2021, and two years later we asked for an update and whether it would ever happen.

Finally a Traffic Regulation order has been issued and we would like as many cyclists as possible to respond to the public consultation to support the scheme as designed (so read on!).

Step 1: Understand the TRO

We have included an image of the proposed design below, but urge you to visit the council website to read all the documentation and study a better quality drawing.

TRO Excerpt:

A mandatory cycle lane (with protection by Orca Wands) is proposed on the approaches to the signalised junction on Elm Grove at its approaches with Grove Road North and South. To achieve the required width for the cycle lanes, a reduction in parking places is required to the east of Grove Road North. To mitigate the loss of parking, additional parking places are proposed on Grove Road South as well as motor cycle and pedal cycle parking places on Elm Grove, west of Grove Road North.

The current painted cycle lanes will be widened and then protected by wands in a similar manner to the recent additions along Goldsmith Avenue. Designated motorcycle parking and a cycle corral (as seen at the eastern end of Marmion Road) will be added. We hope the spacing between the corral and first wand will stop motor vehicles parking here to block cycle access to the eastbound lane.

Although not listed within the TRO information, we understand that some changes to the phasing and timings of the traffic lights are proposed as a way for reducing the number of collisions and casualties that have occurred in the middle of the junction itself, often as a result of turning across traffic from the north and south arms of the junction. We do not believe that this includes the addition of a low level cycle early release phase from Grove Road North however.

The most resistance to the scheme will probably come from the removal of parking spaces on Elm Grove. The PCF committee are concerned about the new location for two one-hour restricted parking spaces on Grove Road South due to the potential for just creating a new obstruction to the free flow of highway here. Southbound cyclists will now have to manoeuvre around stationery vehicles, and northbound cyclists will face oncoming vehicles in their lane (including buses exiting the nearby bus stop).

There are also concerns about how often the one hour parking restrictions on these new spaces will be enforced. If Elm Grove already had sufficient, regular enforcement it’s unlikely that the regular parking infringements would occur.

Additionally, with planning permission recently given for the St. John’s College site, there will be an increase in construction vehicles using the road to access the site, along with the associated traffic movements once building is complete.

Step 2: Respond to PCC

The deadline for responses is no later than 10th April 2024. Responses should be emailed to TROteam@portsmouthcc.gov.uk and clearly state whether you support the proposed scheme.