Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Portsmouth Cycle Forum is a group for anyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, in and around Portsmouth UK.

A City To Share


Our vision is that Portsmouth becomes the pre-eminent cycling city of the UK.

A city fit for the future: a healthy, safe, sustainable, prosperous city that people want to live in, to work in and to visit.

A city where we share spaces, co-operate with each other and treat one another with courtesy and respect.

A Safer City

People of all ages will feel protected and respected on the roads and safe to travel independently within the city.

Improved Health Outcomes

People will be healthier for longer with reduced obesity levels and reduced strain on local health services. The number and severity of accidents on the road will be substantially reduced bringing further benefits.

A Stronger Local Economy

Cycling will favour the use of local businesses rather than large out of town centres. Less congestion with increased transport capacity will benefit businesses across the city.

A Better Environment

A reduction in the volume of traffic will reduce the primary source of air pollution in the city. This will bring further benefits to the health of all and prevent many early deaths. There will also be benefits from the reduced carbon footprint of our low-lying city.

A Fairer, More Liveable City

A shift in transport away from the dominance of the road infrastructure by the private motor vehicle to cycling and walking will deliver benefits to the whole city, not just to those who cycle.

Download “A City to Share”

Download the complete strategy document “A City to Share” (PDF) for more detail.