Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Portsmouth Cycle Forum is a group for anyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, in and around Portsmouth UK.

Who we are

Portsmouth Cycle Forum is an award winning, independent, volunteer led cycle campaign group representing close to 450 members and the needs of people who cycle (or want to cycle) in our city for their everyday journeys.

Our vision is that Portsmouth becomes the pre-eminent cycling city of the UK. Our strategy document “A City to Share” was launched in November 2015 and was adopted by Portsmouth City Council in OCtober 2017.

The Committee

Our committee is a lovely, friendly bunch of volunteers who spend their free time campaigning for better cycle infrastructure for our city. We have a lot of fun too so if you fancy joining the committee – or if you think you could help in other ways, get in touch at info@pompeybug.co.uk

Ian Saunders

A picture of committee member Ian Saunders

I have over 40 years experience of cycling on UK roads, and so have seen many changes since the 1980s! I want my kids to have the same confidence and ability to cycle around with friends or to events that I had, hence my desire to improve the conditions for cyclists in the city.

My role on the committee is to keep an eye on infrastructure and network issues.  Predominantly this is concerned with the various projects the City Council are developing through engagement meetings, consultation responses and occasionally deputations at decisions meetings. Additionally Traffic Regulation Orders also need to be studied to ensure that other maintenance and service provisions do not mean people currently cycling around the city are put at increased risk of danger through temporary works.

Phil Kirkham - Treasurer

A picture of committee member Phil Kirkham

Phil is a leisure cyclist turned commuter who wants safe, direct routes. He also owns a cargo bike to minimise the use of his car.

Nicola Waight

A picture of committee member Nicola Waight

Holding up the side for the girls! I volunteer with PCF because I want cycling to be easier for everyone. I want to see our streets transformed into more friendly and healthy places where kids can play and people can get around, doing normal day to day things on their feet, bikes and by public transport. This won’t happen if people are too scared to get on their bikes; so I campaign for better infrastructure. I work as a transport planner, specialising in walking, cycling, data, and public health and use my bike for normal things, like doing the shopping; seeing my friends; and riding into the city centre from just outside the city where I now live. I help out with bike rides (like the “famous women of Portsmouth ride”), website updates (like this page) and responding to Council transport plans.

Mike Dobson

A picture of committee member Mike Dobson

Back in 2006 I was one of the original four founders of the independent Portsmouth Cycle Forum.  I’m a regular commuter cyclist and also a determined campaigner to improve Portsmouth’s sub-standard cycle infrastructure, poor road safety record and illegally high levels of air pollution.  Over the years I’ve gained a lot of technical knowledge about the design of cycle facilities, Dept. for Transport regulations, Highways England standards, road safety requirements and the legal aspects of cycling.  I provide comment on PCC transport plans.

I firmly believe that if the Council did more to encourage people to use public transport and make Portsmouth’s roads safe for cyclists then fewer people would feel a need to drive and we would have a cleaner city with a healthier population.

Tim Pickering

A picture of committee member Tim Pickering

After taking a job in Portsmouth in 2015 and getting fed up sitting in vehicular traffic, I now cycle commute nearly every day from the Waterlooville area into Portsmouth for work (and sometimes Gosport/Chichester), and sold my car as it was sitting unused on the drive.

Although I started as a leisure rider back in the day, nowadays I really only ride for utility (transport/shopping etc), although as my kids get older we’re slowly extending their legs, getting them into longer leisure rides around the area (including the New Forest and QECP) and wants a city that is safe for his kids, their friends, and indeed everyone to be able to enjoy the independance, freedom and other benefits delivered through the provision of a network of high quality, safe, active travel (walking/wheeling/cycling) infrastructure.

I like diving into data to ensure I’m making evidence based decisions, and can often be found in a pub garden  (or even better camping in a field) somewhere with an ale in hand, talking over the latest research with like minded individuals. This approach carries through to my approach to campaigning for more space for active travel across Portsmouth, Hampshire, and beyond.

Agata Blazevic

A picture of committee member Agata Blazevic

I am a mum of two and a proud owner of a cargo bike which replaces our car for daily travel around the city. I joined Portsmouth Cycle Forum to help campaign for a safe, inclusive cycle infrastructure which would be suitable for people of all ages and abilities. I am also interested in making cities more child friendly.

Rich Boakes

A picture of committee member Rich Boakes

Rich has been a committe member three times over the last ten years. He’s currently championing PCFs push for improved digital systems and services. Most of his waking hours as a kid were spent on a bike where pedaling and play were inseparable, setting off from home after breakfast and returning at the end of the day exhausted and hungry. These days the routine is much the same but the intervening time is spend in work and cycling is the most covenient means of getting there-and-back-again.

Cllr Matt Winnington

A picture of committee member Councillor Matthew Winnington

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