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Portsmouth Cycle Forum

Portsmouth Cycle Forum is a group for anyone who cycles, or wants to cycle, in and around Portsmouth UK.

June committee meeting

June committee meeting

This evening we welcomed ex-chair Jon Spencer back to the committee after a short hiatus. 

We’re always very open to any other member who wants to come along and test the water at a committee meeting, and see how they might like to help out - just give us a shout. 

This month we focused on the “Land at Tipner East” consultation - to me and you, that’s the bit of land wedged between the Mountbatten Centre and the Park & Ride where National Cycle Network route 22 and Pilgrim’s Trail run behind Stamshaw Junior School. The overall plans for the site look pretty good but, and it’s a big BUT, the cycle facility being provided is planned to be a shared use path - here’s the statement we’re submitting as part of the consultation tonight (feel free to cut and paste and submit on the website here, and share with your local councillors):

“Whilst the development appears to be very well considered and we are very supportive of the Homes England Healthy Life Assessment approach, the Shared Use Path proposals are an absolute red line for Portsmouth Cycle Forum. These are not compliant with LTN1/20 and are completely unsuitable for the existing and anticipated levels of cycle traffic. 

Until PCC delivers LTN1/20 compliant cycle facilities on the A3 (for which there is no money and no clear timetable or design) the route to the rear of Stamshaw Junior school is the main cycle route for cycling in and out of the west of the city for at least 800 cycle commute trips (16% of all trips) daily, plus all other trip purposes. A Shared Use Path is highly unsuitable to meet the government’s Gear Change policy, Portsmouth’s emerging LTP4 and LCWIP. This is also evidenced by our members’ experiences of the Tipner Coastal path (which we expect is significantly wider than the Shared Use Path planned for the development, based on the illustrations), and provides a very slow cycle route due to the interactions of walking and cycling, which are not appropriate for a high volume commuter route.”

Earlier this month, we emailed all newbie councillors to introduce them to PCF and invite them for a chat or a ride. Of the 12 we contacted, we’ve had responses from 7, and several have taken up our offer. We’ll shortly be meeting with Ian Holder of St. Thomas’ ward, Charlotte Gerada of Central Southsea (existing Cllr George Fielding will join too), Kimberly Barrett of Milton ward, and Matthew Atkins from Cosham. We also have a site visit planned with Cllr Cal Corkery for Charles Dickens ward to discuss plans for K-barriers on some of the footpaths, and the impact these will have on non-standard cycles. 

Tonight we also celebrated success! The full closure of Farlington Marshes whilst works are undertaken has been postponed, thanks to combined efforts from many parties, until Highways England can provide a risk assessment for the alternative route. We know the work will have to happen at some point, but we need the alternative route via Havant Road to be made safe before they undertake the work.

And finally, we’re planning a virtual open meeting for the end of July - our theme will be “inclusive cycling.” If you’d like to be part of this and perhaps share your own experiences - get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and share your story. 

Happy weekend. 

The PCF committee :)